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How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System?

Marijuana also is known as cannabis in other names, is a highly psychoactive drug that is present in the marijuana plant. The psychoactive drug is used for medical or competitive purposes. The main element that is present in the marijuana weed is known as THC i.e. tetrahydrocannabinol, this makes you feel psychoactive and high while you consume it.

At present THC is broadly used by medicinal companies and professionals for making curable drugs also can be used for recreational purposes. Some of them are also used in syrups, edible oils, and balms, etc after a long process of purification.

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Other than the harmful effects of THC, it has many health benefits. Some studies have shown that THC may help patients with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases along with those having neurodegenerative diseases, eating disorder patients and can help in pain relief as well. People might be curious to know How long does THC stay in the system? We have the answer for it.

But before that, speaking the truth Marijuana is legal medically in different countries like USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Argentina and so on, but it is still debatable by many organizations by many countries. They feel THC will harm your brain functionality, body stabilization and will lead you to serious medical trauma. When Marijuana has consumed these short-term problems partially effects within seconds and become fully affectable after some minutes. Depending on your metabolism, immunity, and stamina of your body these effects can be typically last for1-3 hours

If you need to know how long does THC stays in your system there are certain drug test to testify it. There cannot be a single answer for this question as because everyone doesn’t consume the same dosage of Marijuana along with their body metabolism. But we will break out some of the common scenarios. While checking out how long does THC stays in the system it’s important to understand under which of the body system it is dependent to stay and what are the desired tests that can determine the THC component in it.

  • In your Bloodstream: In the Blood test for a regular user THC component can be found within a week if he/she consumes multiple times a day, and for occasional user’s if they are consuming once a week can be found within 24 hours post consuming it.
  • The Saliva: The THC remains under your mouth in the saliva until it swallowed fully, which usually takes around 1-2 days. Drinking water, using mouthwash, brushing teeth can lead you to remove THC from mouth faster.
  • In Your Urine: By far urine test is the most common form of THC testing, this is also known as urinalysis. Research suggests that if you are a rare or occasional user of Marijuana like if you consume it once in a week or month then the THC products can remain on your urinal function till 5-8 days. However, if you are a common regular user of Marijuana like you consume it twice or thrice a day then the THC components can be detectable on your urine till 4-6 weeks.
  • In your hair: The THC components stay in your hair longer than any other system in your body. The hair follicle test is done for detecting THC component which can be last about 90 days post using.

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For some of the people and countries, Marijuana can be very helpful for a human’s body but on the other hand, many think this is a drug that can destabilize the entire system of your body. So before consuming it do check out its pros and cons and also have a look at how long does THC stays in the system to live a safe and healthy life.

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