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What Are Compounding Pharmacies

When I saw my dermatologist regarding the brown spots on my face he mentioned I needed something more potent than what is available over the counter. The prescription was for compounding ingredients for facial medication. It requires individual ingredients to be compounding into a new formula. My specific medication was for Fluocino.01/Hydoq 4/Treti.05%. I’m no doctor and don’t know the specifics to the medications that was compounding but it worked. I tried many expensive creams such as Clinique, Ambi, and another popular prescription Triamcinolone Acetonide which is a bleaching cream and none of this worked for my hyper-pigmentation. Other names for this condition are age spots, sun spots, dark spots or liver spots. Bottom line is they are unattractive and if they are located on your face, it’s even worse.

Now let’s talk about a compounding pharmacy. I won’t mention my medical center; their prescription was over $200.00 so I shopped around. Most big chain pharmacies don’t offer this because they don’t extract ingredients to make a new ingredient according to the exact percentages required on your prescription. So what do you do? You need to find a compounding pharmacy that specializes in these types of medications. Most facilities will do it for less, but may require a day or so to fill in the new formula so if this is of an urgent matter, fill it at the medical center. My compounding pharmacy center actually closed down, but they were polite enough to send me a letter letting me know other compounding pharmacy in the area if I ever needed a refill. In addition they did it for 1/3rd of the cost and had the medication available the next day. Make sure you follow the directions and use sun screen if you use it during the day. I use mine during the night and on days that are gloomy as I don’t want the sun to distort any of the medication process.

The ironic side of this is I didn’t realize you can break up medication and mix it with others to formulate a specific prescription for your brown spots or any other ailments. These over the counter medications may work, but if they don’t I recommend seeing a dermatologist as they know your skin better than anyone else. No sense of buying expensive creams and lotions if they don’t make the dark spots disappear. A compounding pharmacy are one of those specialty places that you can count on for different ingredients from your prescription.

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